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Trademark Registration in Denmark

Updated on Thursday 23rd April 2020

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Trademark-Registration-in-Denmark.jpgRegistering a trademark is a sure way for companies to protect their brand and prevent other companies or individuals from using their signs and symbols. After they decide to open a company in Denmark, investors can also follow through with the trademark registration steps.
The Danish Patent and Registration Office handles all applications for trademark registration in the country. The process is straightforward and can be completed online, with applicable fees. 
Foreign companies or individuals who are interested in trademark protection in Denmark can perform the registration steps with the help of one of our company formation agents in Denmark

Applying for trademark registration in Denmark

Trademark registration in Denmark begins with filing an application with the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.
Applications submitted in English should be accompanied by their Danish translation. The fee for trademark registration is mandatory for the application to be processed. However, if the fee does not accompany the application in the first place, a one-month period is granted to make the necessary payment. 
Investors who decide to open a Danish company and consider that trademark registration is mandatory for their business can request the help of one of our company formation agents in the country. If they cannot be present in the country foreign investors can use a power of attorney to apply for trademark registration. 

Trademark registration steps

Once the application for a trademark registration is submitted, the Patent and Trademark Office examine it thoroughly.  The experts will look for similar marks, similar or infringing company names and others. If the trademark does not infringe others in any way, it is approved and a registration certificate is issued and send to the applicant. Also, the newly approved trademark is published in the Danish Trademark Gazette.
Foreign companies in Denmark can also benefit from some level of a trademark of protection through the Community Trade Marks, which are valid in the country. One of our Danish company formation agents can give you more information on this matter. 

Some of the main advantages of registering a trademark include:
  • - protection from infringement;
  • - creating a competitive brand and having a commercial advantage on the market as a registered, recognized company;
  • - defending the product.
Our company formation agents can give you further details on the process of trademark registration in Denmark and about your advantages as the holder of intellectual property rights.

Denmark trademark application evaluation

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office evaluates the trademark applications based on the distinctiveness of the mark, similarity to other existing, registered marks, identical or almost identical names and other issues. A registration certificate is issued once the report is complete and the Office approves the mark.
Trademark owners can lose their trademark if such mark is unused. The experts at our company formation firm can give you in-depth information on the laws related to trademark and patent protection. We can help you if you are a local or foreign investor looking for the optimal solution for intellectual property rights protection.
You can contact us if you have more questions about trademark, patent or utility protection as well as the intellectual property laws in Denmark. Our team can assist you throughout the entire process of trademark registration in Denmark.


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