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Open a Representative Office in Denmark

Updated on Wednesday 21st March 2018

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Open-a-Representative-Office-in-Denmark.jpgForeign businesses can open a representative office in Denmark as a means of establishing a presence in Copenhagen. This is simply a means of being present on the market and will not allow for engaging in any usual business activities for that company.
This can be the first step for those foreign investors who wish to open a Danish company and could benefit from performing a market research or investigation before incorporating a Danish legal entity. 

The uses of a representative office in Denmark

The representative office in Denmark is one of the ways in which a foreign business can establish its presence on the market. Two other alternatives include opening a branch office, for the purpose of also engaging in commercial activities or incorporating a Danish corporation. 
The Danish representative office is suited to those businesses that do not intend to engage in commercial or trade activities in the country and simply need to establish their presence for the purpose of promoting the business or for performing certain market research projects.
Investors who are interested in company formation in Denmark can talk to one of our agent for more information about the subsequent steps after deciding to establish their presence in Copenhagen.

How to establish a representative office in Denmark

Because it does not engage in any trade or business activities, the representative office is not required to fulfill the same incorporation procedure as in the case of a corporation or even a partnership. It does, however, need to have a bank account opened in Denmark and can rent an office space. The office will need to have a company secretary.
Company formation in Denmark is a straightforward process and investors can establish a new business in approximately one week. This is a subsequent step after opening a representative office or, for some businesses, it can be accomplished without the mandatory need to establish a representative office beforehand. 
For complete assistance, as well as counseling prior to company incorporation, please contact our Danish company formation agents.

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They handle the company formation process in Denmark from the very beginning and to the last stages, up until the company is ready to start its business activities. Investors can choose from various company incorporation packages.

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