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Start a Franchise Business in Denmark

Updated on Tuesday 20th December 2022

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Start-a-Franchise-Business-in-Denmark.jpgThose who decide to start a franchise business in Denmark have the advantage of acquiring an already existing and successful business model in order to perform the distribution and affiliation activities for the brand or business owner.
Investors who want to open a company in Denmark can use this business model and choose from a wide variety of franchising options.

Franchising in Denmark

Buying a franchise can be compared to acquiring a company in Denmark to a certain extent. The owner of the franchise will manage the business but, unlike in the case of an existing local Danish company, will be supported by an international business model that has been tested in more than one market and has a recognizable trademark and product.
There are several important advantages to starting a franchise business in Denmark. To name a few, these are:
- using an already proven business model;
- having the suppliers list;
- having the adequate pricing model;
- selling a product that is already approved by customers worldwide.
Denmark offers franchising opportunities in numerous business field, among which advertising, restaurants, fast food, cafes and coffee shops, health and aesthetics, retail, personal care, software and IT, clothing and many others.
One of our agents who specialize in company registration in Denmark can give you additional details on the particularities of each of these business fields. Knowing what types of special permits and licenses are needed in a certain industry can help you decide on a suitable franchise business.

The franchisor and the franchisee in Denmark

The franchisor (the one who sells the usage rights) and the franchisee (the one acquiring them) are bound by a franchising agreement. The business model and concept, as well as the trademarks, industry secrets and know-how, are transferred via this agreement. Th Danish Contract Law governs the franchise agreements.
Denmark is a country that offers many business opportunities and franchising options exist in all areas of business.
You can contact us if you need detailed information on company formation in Denmark.

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They handle the company formation process in Denmark from the very beginning and to the last stages, up until the company is ready to start its business activities. Investors can choose from various company incorporation packages.

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