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Shareholders' Rights in Private and Public Danish Companies

Updated on Wednesday 29th January 2020

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Shareholders-Rights-in-Private-and-Public-Companies-in-Denmark.jpgThe shareholders’ rights in private and public companies in Denmark will include voting rights, the ability to attend meetings and have access to information about the company.
Our agents who specialize in company formation in Denmark can assist you with additional information about the rights and liabilities of shareholders in the country.

General shareholder rights in Denmark

Shareholders in Denmark in both public and private companies are entitled to a series of rights which may be considered general ones. These include:
- participating in and speaking at General Shareholders’ Meetings;
- propose specific issues to be discussed during a Meeting;
- request an extraordinary Meeting (only in some cases);
- vote for the appointment or removal of a company director during a General Meeting;
- have access to documents and information relevant to the agenda of a General Meeting;
- receive dividends as appropriate.
A shareholder’s agreement may be drawn up in order to regulate or restrict certain activities, such as the transfer of shares or the appointment of directors. The rights of shareholders can be determined by the classes of shares, as established by each company.
A shareholder’s liability is limited as per the characteristics of the company. One of our agents can give you more information if you open a company in Denmark.

Minority shareholders’ rights in Denmark

Shareholders who own less than 20% of the company’s share capital and voting rights may be entitled to additional, minority rights. These can include:
- requesting an extraordinary General Meeting (for A/S companies where they hold less than 5% of the share capital);
- the requirement for a unanimous agreement of all shareholders for specific changes such as proposals to increase the share capital at a below-market price and the proposal to decrease the capital in favor of certain shareholders;
- the ability for a minority shareholder to require redemption should more than 90% of the capital is owned by a single shareholder.
Special situations can apply to shareholders who own more than 20% but less than 25% of the share capital and voting rights.
Please feel free to contact our Danish company formation agents for complete legal assistance for company shareholders and a number of legal services for companies.

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