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Open a Fintech Company in Denmark

Updated on Friday 07th August 2020

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Open-a-Fintech-Company-in-Denmark.jpgFintech startups in Denmark are involved in fields like banking, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency trading, blockchain or microfinance and financing in general.
In order to open a fintech company in Denmark, investors will need to follow a few steps for company formation. The country is a preferred location to base the Nordic headquarters, because of its pro-business climate and accessibility from various EU countries.
One of our Danish company formation agents can walk you through the entire company registration process.

Fintech businesses in Denmark

Financial technology, more commonly known as fintech, has seen a rapid development throughout the world and Denmark is no stranger to the development of this particular financial field. From developing cryptocurrencies to online banking and financial solutions, this business field holds important opportunities for development.
Fintech is a global industry, this is why many Danish companies in this field have the possibility to expand beyond the country’s borders and offer their solution to international clients. The advancement and evolution of the digital world goes hand in hand with the development of new solutions for financial problems.
The development of the blockchain technology and the emergence of the cryptocurrencies and the platforms designed for their trading have been at the core of the fintech revolution. However, there is more than blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading.
Danish fintech companies are highly involved in the banking and financing fields, offering mobile banking solutions, developing banking platforms or real estate crowdfunding platforms.
 Investors who want to open a company in Denmark can explore the various opportunities for development as well as the particular requirements for companies.

How to open a fintech business

Starting a fintech company in Denmark is a simple process, that involved a few steps, starting with choosing a type of company and a unique company name. The two most commonly used types of companies in Denmark are the private limited company, ApS, and the public limited company, A/S. 
Foreign fintech companies that want to expand to Denmark can open a branch. One of our Danish company formation experts can give you detailed information about the characteristics of the branch.
Companies need to observe the Danish tax regulations and those for annual reporting. They must also follow the rules for VAT registration in Denmark when a certain annual turnover is reached.
Trademark registration in Denmark should be taken into consideration by business owners.
Contact us for complete solutions for company registration in Denmark.

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They handle the company formation process in Denmark from the very beginning and to the last stages, up until the company is ready to start its business activities. Investors can choose from various company incorporation packages.

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