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Open a Company in the Fishing Sector in Denmark

Updated on Thursday 23rd April 2020

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Open-a-Company-in-the-Fishing-Sector-in-Denmark.jpgDenmark is one of the top exporters of fish in Europe, with its fishing industry being very well-developed and also an important employer in the country.
A lengthy coastline allowed the fishing industry to develop and prosper. Today, Denmark has three types of fishing industries: for fish meal, fish oil, and human consumption fishery. 
Investors who want to open a company in the fishing sector in Denmark are required to follow a set of procedures for registration and operation. Foreign investments are permitted in this field and foreign entrepreneurs have the same rights as local ones.
Our team of company registration agents in Denmark can help answer your questions about opening a fishing company and investing in this industry.

The fishing sector in Denmark

With access to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, Denmark has historically been preoccupied with fishing, aquaculture, and other related industries. 
The fishery industry includes industrial fishing: the production of fishmeal (for fish bi-products), fish oil, pelagic fishery and demersal fishery (depending on the targeted species of fish). Lobster and deep-water prawns also account for part of the production. 
Danish companies that activate in the fishing industry will typically focus on pelagic fishery, namely the species of fish that have the largest consumption rate, such as codfish. The fishing industry is closely linked to the processing industry and the food manufacturing industry but also to exports and imports. 
One of our Danish company formation agents can give you details on the regulations that apply to these types of companies and the special permits and licenses needed for this activity. The country implements a set of national policies and laws for fishing, which are in line with the EU’s Fisheries Policy. Fleet and fleet capacity are restricted in some cases and fishing rights may vary.

Opening a Danish company 

Fishing companies in Denmark are typically established in the form of an ApS, the equivalent of the private limited liability company, used for small and middle-sized businesses. Minimum capital requirements apply for this business form as well as the A/S (public limited liability company). If you want to open a company in Denmark, one of our experts can give you details on liability, management, and taxation. Foreign companies involved in the fishing industry can also open a branch in Denmark.
Contact us for more information on the available business forms and how to invest in the fishing industry in Denmark. 

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