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Cryptocurrency Startup Business Ideas in Denmark

Updated on Sunday 13th May 2018

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Cryptocurrency-Startup-Business-Ideas-in-Denmark.jpgThere is more to cryptocurrencies than buying and selling them. While this is a sure way of profiting, entrepreneurs also have other options when deciding to work with virtual currencies.
Our agents who specialize in company registration in Denmark present five cryptocurrency startup business ideas. For any company formation related matters, our specialists are ready to answer your questions.
The following video shows some of these ideas for starting a cryptocurrency business:

Cryptocurrency business ideas in Denmark

The list below contains five ideas for a cryptocurrency business and a few issues to consider about each suggestion. 
  1. Cryptocurrency exchange: a simple exchange platform that allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies. The owner derives his profits from the difference between the purchase and sale prices.
  2. Cryptocurrency trading platform: this is similar to a traditional stock exchange and is a trading hub in itself. The owner will derive his benefits as a percent from the transactions.
  3. An ATM for cryptocurrencies: the BTM, a special ATM for cryptocurrencies will work as an ATM only that users will insert cash in order to receive cryptocurrency/Bitcoin divisions. The startup costs will include purchasing the machine and having the capital for the initial supply.
  4. Become a consultant: the need for cryptocurrency consultancy is believed to expand as the usage rate will grow and businesses will become more interested in setting up this payment method. Offering consultation to companies can be a business idea.
  5. Digital wallet business: developing and providing digital wallet services which are essentially the means through which a cryptocurrency owner can start making online transactions.

How to open a company in Denmark 

Company formation in Denmark is a straightforward process and any investor interested in starting a cryptocurrency business will need to follow these steps in order to open a legal entity. 
First, entrepreneurs choose a type of company and a unique business name. The corporate documents need to be prepared and submitted to the Danish Central Business Register.
Investors who want to open a company in Denmark can contact us for detailed information regarding each of the company formation steps.

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