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Chinese Investments in Denmark

Updated on Thursday 01st November 2018

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Chinese-Investments-in-Denmark.jpgDenmark is one of the Nordic countries that could benefit from the advancements of Chinese investments. As the Chinese and evolving from a production base to focusing more on outbound investments, a partnership with Denmark could provide profitable for both parties.
Company formation in Denmark is a simple process that can be very accessible to Chinese investors with the help of our company formation agents.

Opportunities for Chinese investors in Denmark 

Chinese companies are changing the way they focus their outbound investments and this could translate to a better collaboration between China and the Nordic countries, Denmark included. Some of the investment sectors targeted by Chinese investors that are very well developed in the north of Europe include energy, technology, and telecommunications, financial services as well as others (with lower percentages) like the automotive industry, industrial products, agriculture, and food. 
The Chinese have already expressed their intention to invest in green energy projects in Denmark, meaning that they use the developed Danish knowledge in this field to be able to learn more and implement the technology in their own country, which is in much need of solutions like these.

Company formation in Denmark for Chinese investors

Chinese investors who want to open a company in Denmark can follow the steps below:
- Choose a type of company: there are several options, suitable both to small and large businesses.
- Register with the Danish Business Authority: this is a mandatory step and for this purpose, the investors will need to prepare the company documents.
- Register with the Danish Tax Authorities: companies are also required to accomplish this step for VAT registration purposes.
- Hire employees and/or transfer and hire foreign employees: observing the local employment laws is important, especially when hiring Chinese employees.
Foreign companies in Denmark can open a branch or a subsidiary. This is an option for Chinese investors who wish to bring an establishing Chinese company in the Danish market. Alternatively, they can invest in Denmark by opening a Danish company.
The Denmark-Chinese trade and investment relations are facilitated by the existence of an agreement for the avoidance of double taxation – allowing companies to be taxed in a single point and not in both jurisdictions when they derive income both from a Chinese and a Danish source.
Our agents who specialize in company formation in Denmark can help Chinese investors who wish to invest in the country.

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