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Short Guide on the Danish Business Etiquette

Written by: Editor

Entrepreneurs who are just starting to discover the Danish business culture might find that some things are different from the business etiquette in their own country and that other issues are not approached quite as they would have expected. Foreign investors looking to open a company in Denmark can read this short article on some of the main things to remember about the Danish business etiquette.


Respect is a key component of the Danish culture in general, not only in business matters. As far business hierarchy is concerned, the same respect should be owed to the boss and to the administrative staff and personnel in general. Rudeness is not appreciated.


Trust works vice versa in the employee-employer relationship. For example, when a Danish employer offers a certain task to an employee, even if he/she is new in the company, it means that the level of trust is high enough to allow for the entrustment of the particular task.

Formal vs. informal

Formal is not always the norm. In fact, for the most part, the business culture is more on the informal side and professionals are expected to maintain a relaxed and enjoyable attitude. In most offices business clothing also tends to be more informal than in other countries. 


During business meetings, everyone is expected to speak up, be assertive if need be. Foreign employees should learn quickly that it is not a mistake to present contradictory (but well-informed) points of view.


Foreign entrepreneurs, employees, and expats might find that handing out after work or making your colleagues friends will not always happen. It is sometimes better to find a hobby while in the country and make friends this way. However, everyone is expected to show up when the company is holding an event.
Now that you have a clearer idea about the business etiquette and environment, it’s time to do business.
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