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The Digital Growth Strategy in Denmark

Written by: Editor

Denmark is and should remain one of the top digital hubs in Europe. This is the motivation behind the Government’s new Digital Growth Strategy which was recently presented to the public and includes more than 30 initiatives to encourage digitalization and companies operating in this business field. Investors who open a company in Denmark and are involved in the new technology sector as well as in other fields can benefit from this Strategy.

Initiatives for companies in Denmark 

The strategy presented by the Government contains a total of 38 initiatives, most of which target the business environment while some are also concerned with early digital adoption, like the measure to introduce computational thinking in elementary school.
The top initiatives for companies in Denmark include:
- a digital hub and a platform that will facilitate company access to talented employees for emerging digital technology jobs;
- a new, more developed regulation for opportunities to test new business models;
- digital solutions for companies for the purpose of reporting cybersecurity incidents.
The new Digital Growth Strategy is also important in terms of creating opportunities for foreign investments in Denmark. Foreign companies interested in participating in the development of digital solutions and co-innovation will be able to explore the various opportunities for investments in the country. Examples include opportunities in specialized fields like robotics, artificial intelligence, data analytics and others. 
One of our agents who specialize in company registration in Denmark can give you complete information about the conditions for investment for foreign entrepreneurs. 

Denmark, already at the forefront of digital adoption in the EU

Denmark already has a preferential position in Europe in terms of technological advancements and the adoption of digital solutions in its economy and society. This is reflected in the fact that many administrative procedures have already been digitized. The new strategy is thought to help stimulate companies to take the necessary and beneficial steps towards digitization, at the same time creating real opportunities for local and foreign tech companies to assist in this digitization process.
Entrepreneurs who wish to know more about the investment ecosystem in the technology sector and in other business fields can contact our Danish company formation experts.