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Short Guide on the Danish Business Etiquette


Entrepreneurs who are just starting to discover the Danish business culture might find that some things are different from the business etiquette in their own country and that other issues are not approached quite as they would have expected. Foreign investors looking to open a company in Denmark can read this short article on some of the main things to remember about the Danish business etiquette.

The Digital Growth Strategy in Denmark


Denmark is and should remain one of the top digital hubs in Europe. This is the motivation behind the Government’s new Digital Growth Strategy which was recently presented to the public and includes more than 30 initiatives to encourage digitalization and companies operating in this business field. Investors who open a company in Denmark and are involved in the new technology sector as well as in other fields can benefit from this Strategy.

Denmark, in Top Ten Technology Enablers in the World


Denmark is one of the top ten countries in the Global Connectivity Index 2017, as released by Huawei. The country managed to surpass other European countries in all five pillars: broadband, cloud, internet of things (IoT), data centers, cloud and big data. Investors who are interested in company formation in Denmark have access to a well-developed ICT infrastructure and technology adoption.

Copenhagen: The Best City in the World at Attracting Talent


Copenhagen was ranked the world’s best city for attracting talent. The Global Talent Competitiveness Index puts the Danish capital ahead of other big European cities like Zurich or Helsinki but also ahead of other business centers. Copenhagen outpaces other cities because it is able to maintain a holistic strategy for attracting and maintaining talent – an important attribute for investors who want to open a company in Denmark and are interested in hiring foreign talent.

Business and Consumer Confidence Indexes both Higher in February


The indexes for consumer confidence and business confidence recorded by Statistics Denmark both had higher values for the month of February. Consumer confidence grew by 4.5 percent compared to the first month of 2017 while business confidence rose one point above the value for the previous month. This business sentiment index indicates a more positive outlook for those who wish to open a Danish company.



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